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Design of parts

Outline of services

We can work with all Japanese automobile manufacturers in the design of car interiors, from individual components to complete systems. We also assist these automobile manufacturers in developing their proprietary articles.

Our strengths

As a member company of Hayashi Telempu, we have used 3D CAD software such as CATIA v5 to design our parent company's main product line of floor carpets as well as other automobile interior parts. With Hayashi Telempu located in satellite offices near the various automobile manufacturers, we endeavor to work with our customers' development teams in planning and proposing interior systems so that we can provide them with good products. We are also involved in replacement parts from the planning stage, which we design, manufacture, and road-test. Our replacement part business includes the design of exterior parts and lights in addition to interior parts, as well as development of new parts required on short notice.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)

Principal products that we design

  • Floor carpets
  • Door trim
  • Contoured ceilings
  • Trunk trim
  • Piece mats
  • Door safety lights
  • Floorboard lighting
  • Trunk compartments
  • Ceiling storage nets
  • Exterior plating accessories
  • Exterior painting products


CAM development

CAM development
Outline of services

We design mass production molds, inspection gauges, and jigs, and prepare numerical control data for products made by Hayashi Telempu (e.g., carpets, luggage compartments). We also use 3D printers to make prototypes of interior parts and components of inspection gauges.

Our strengths

When an order comes in from a customer, not only do we think about making the requested product, but we also ask ourselves many questions as we undertake the project. Can we make it with high quality? Is it easy for the user to operate? Can it easily be incorporated by the customer into subsequent processes? Can the cost and time of producing it be lowered? Since we have a system for sharing all of the technology and knowhow that we have gleaned through our experience thus far, anyone familiar with CAM should be able to make high-level "forms."
And we are never satisfied with the status quo but strive in our work to make better forms. When making prototypes with 3D printing we want to be sure that our customers are pleased with delivery time and with our meeting their specifications.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Design and numerical control data preparation for carpet contour forms, inspection gauges, and W/J set gauges
  • Design and numerical control data preparation for inspection gauges of interior parts in the trunk area
  • Design and numerical control data preparation for inspection gauges of door trim and other injection-molded parts
  • Design and numerical control data preparation for the roof
  • Preparation of prototypes and inspection jigs through 3D printing

Template development

template development
Outline of services

Using the templates and macros of CATIA (computer aided three-dimensional application), we develop tools to make designing efficient and to automatically check the results of a design.

Our strengths

In our designs and developments using CATIA, methods involving customization of templates and macros have now become commonplace. At Haitex, based on knowhow derived from our experience as a support business in product development in the Hayashi Telempu Group, we develop tools from the design stage to production engineering that include "templates" incorporating design standards and "macros" to repeat processes, all customized to closely fit the demands of our customers.
In addition, by providing education and support at the customer's production site, we can make the transition smoother and help them achieve greater efficiency.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Product design templates
  • Production engineering templates
  • CAE templates
  • cross-section creation macros
  • plate-thickness creation macros
  • 3D lettering macros and others

Jig and facility development

jig and facility development
Outline of services

We design, develop, and make production assistive equipment used on site for manufacturing and assembly.

Our strengths

We listen to voices on the production lines in order to propose production assistive devices that are easy to use, stable in quality, and safe.
In addition, by progressing from proposal to design and production in a consistent way, we can directly incorporate the customer's concerns into our work. What we essentially give the customer is "making things" to support "making things."

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Design and fabrication of image inspection equipment
  • Design and fabrication of component assembly lines
  • Design and fabrication of supporting jigs for component assembly lines
  • Design and fabrication of jigs to aid production

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