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image inspection business
Outline of services

Costs and demands for quality escalate year after year for customers in the manufacturing sector, so efforts are made to improve the level of guaranteed quality and to automate production processes. At Haitex, with our inspection systems that use image processing, we can assist in assuring quality and in automating inspection processes. We respond in a variety of ways, from introducing image inspection devices designed to eliminate inspectors' misses and judgment variations to adding inline image inspection equipment to existing production facilities. Also, to achieve traceability, we can propose combining information management functions and analytical tools with functions used to maintain process integrity and enhance results.

Our strengths

Using HALCON, the best image processing library in the world, we can make wide recommendations in choice of cameras or lighting, how to arrange them, and what equipment to use for inspection. With extensive practical experience and accomplishments at our disposal, we can find ways to save manpower in inspection processes.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Inspections for wrong or missing items
  • Inspections for burrs and defects
  • Inspections for scratches and smudges
  • Color determinations
  • Inspections for contamination

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+81 52-203-9777

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