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Outline of System planning and development

system planning and development
Outline of services

With our accomplishments in building a wide variety of business systems from the time we were the information systems department of Hayashi Telempu up to the present, and with the knowhow we have developed on the shop floor, we offer elegant system solutions that go beyond just satisfying customer needs.

Our strengths

What is it that the customer wants when coming to Haitex for an IT solution? We begin by first ascertaining that customer's real needs. To answer precisely to those various needs, we use our ability refined over many years to plan and develop solutions as well as our knowhow from extensive practical experience to offer a solution that goes even one better than the customer's vision.
We have the ISO/TS16949 qualification of quality management systems, novel in the IT business, by which we develop and provide high quality systems that satisfy the requirements specified by our customers.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Production management systems
  • Production support systems
  • Production preparation systems
  • Distribution management systems
  • Order receipt and inventory management systems
  • Business management systems
  • Cost targeting and improvement systems
  • Supplier online systems
  • JAMA(Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association bill) generation systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Procurement control systems
  • Unit price management systems
  • Accounts receivable and payable systems
  • Expenditure management systems
  • Attendance management systems
  • Financial accounting systems

Outline of Software package development

software package development
Outline of services

We package user-friendly, versatile systems that users would want.

Our strengths

We have software packages available for manufacturers and distributors that cover the full gamut of production sites. At Haitex, we select for packaging those systems that have received high marks from actual use by the Hayashi Telempu Group, so our packages are noted for reflecting the needs of users and being easy to operate.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Delivery error prevention systems
  • Image inspection systems
  • Product traceability systems
  • Facility operation monitoring systems
  • Digital platform systems
  • Just-in-time sign systems

Outline of Setting up infrastructure

setting up infrastructure
Outline of services

A network and server are requisite structural elements in implementing system planning and development. Based on many years of experience in fabricating infrastructure for the companies in our corporate group, Haitex knows how to design a flexible infrastructure that excels in cost-performance while maintaining high quality and security.

Scope of activity (and accomplishment)
  • Planning, construction, start-up, operation, and maintenance of networks
  • Planning, construction, start-up, operation, and maintenance of security
  • Planning, construction, start-up, operation, and maintenance of business servers
  • Operation and maintenance of personal computers, office automation equipment, and servers

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+81 52-203-9777

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